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“I recently had upper eye lid surgery done at the Baroudi Surgery Center. I Should have done it long time ago. The results were incredible. After just a few days I had friends and family wondering what was different about me but no one could figure it out. Did you loose weight , get a hair cut, I just laughed and smiled. Dr. Baroudi and his staff are top notch. The facility is second to none. For all you guys with those droopy eye lids don't wait one more day get it done.You will not regret calling and having Dr. Baroudi. make you look and feel so much better. Thank you.”
John Mahshie

“I just had a Facelift, cheek and neck from Dr. Baroudi, on 8/29/2012, I was out in Public, on 8/30, the next day, and have never hidden in my home, only had to put a bandaid under my chin. It is one week later, just got the stitches out, I'm gorgeous, look 12 years younger, than I expected, am totally happy didn't make me look "stretched or tight", my turkey neck is gone, I look very natural, and my friends think I've been to a Spa, or lost 10lbs, they say I look so rested!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Pamela Smith

“Dr. Baroudi, I can not express to you and your staff how very much you mean to me. You have been so kind and caring through many months of treating me. Your kindness has made a very painful experience so much easier to bear. I thank God for you and your staff and I pray His blessings will greatly enrich your lives. With sincere gratitude!”
Marian Bandler

“We are so happy that we were referred to "The Baroudi Surgery Center". Our Dad had melanoma on the top of his head. Dr. Baroudi removed the cancer. We are very happy with the results. The center is very friendly and a caring medical facility. Lena goes above and beyond her job description as well as the rest of the medical staff. Thank you, Leonard Morello, Janice Morello, Joyce Bertholf”
Leonard Morello

“The Baroudi Surgery Center is the most friendly, clean and comforting medical facility I have ever experienced. Walking in the door you are greeted by a friendly, caring staff member. The soothing music, quality reading material (including a Bible) and awesome decor complete your initial experience, there is only one chance to make a first impression and this one is exquisite. This is nothing compared to the care received from Dr. Baroudi and his staff. My husband has had many, many skin cancers removed. They have all been in early stages as Dr. Baroudi has us come in frequently for checkups. We are notified in days by him as to the biopsy results. Most require us to return for more skin removal. Then Dr. Baroudi uses his other expertise of making the wound disappear. During a recent visit, Dr. Baroudi noticed a bump on my head, he immediately got me an appointment and removed what concerned him and had it biopsied. It turned out to be nothing but his early detection made the difference. I am so thankful for the care my husband, has received over the years. His life has been in Dr. Baroudi's hands many times. In the capable hands of Dr. Baroudi and his experienced staff we have been through many storms successfully. I recently read the following: As you prepare for bed, look back and consider where you saw God today . . . I see Him in Dr. Baroudi's office. ”
Sharon Stevens

“surgery: eyelid upper and lower and brow lift. I was very scared to make this appointment. Turning 50 and always looking tired, I was ready for a change. Then I met Dr. Baroudi and staff, and he explained every thing: what to expect and was even given a tour of enitre place is clean, decorated so awesome, when it was surgery day I had complete confidence in Dr. Baroudi and his staff and yes they do make you feel like family.I was back to work in 5 days after surgery, clients would look at me and say there is some thing diffrent , did you .loose weight, and I wanted to say yes bags of it under my eyes, friends I told said I look 10 yeasrs younger. thank you Dr. Baroudi and staff for helping look younger again. Peter Hutchison”
Peter Hutchison

“" I am so happy with the way I look now and feel. Dr. Baroudi and staff were wonderful, fun, people and I can't say enough about them all. I look and feel great and would not hesitate to have any other procedures done with this group of professional, great people. I have recommended Dr. Baroudi to my friends and family. The best thing, is buying a bathing suit and looking good".”
Susan Kowa

“Back again ,this time for lipo on my stomach. Its been one year now and the results are what I expected. Im very pleased once again with Dr. Baroudi's work. He is the BEST!! I had breast augmentation in 2005 and all is well..He did such a great job on both procedures. Anyone who mentions the word plastic surgery,I jump right in and tell them about Dr.Baroudi. NOT to waste their time going elsewhere.,go where its safe and he is beyond qualified. You will be very happy with your results and the care you receive at his surgery center.”
Debra Emery

“In submitting my testimonial today, I was so caught up in praising Dr. Baroudi that I was remiss in not stating that his entire staff is second to none. You are totally their main concern when you are in their care.”
Bob Stevens

“Since moving to Port Charlotte in 2005, I have had numerous skin cancers removed. These skin cancers are the result of sun damage many years ago. I have periodic checkups with Dr. Baroudi and he always removes them very early, before they progress any furthur. I have a deep sense of gratitude and thanks for his excellent and timely attention to my needs. He is a surgeon that deeply cares about his patients and their concerns. He is my doctor and my friend and I would highly recommend him to everyone.”
Bob Stevens

“Dr. Baroudi is a real doll! He is caring & cocerned not only for the patient but also for the family. His surgical skills are superb & his staff is a credit to the medical profession. I, myself, am a registered nurse & I feel that I received the best possible care for both my breast reduction & neck& chin lift.. All my friends have commented on how good I look but have no idea that I had any surgery until I tell them about it. I would recommend Dr. Baroudi to anyone who is thinking of having plastic surgery done.”
Virginia Bogad

“I came from the North Eastern area of the UK and met Dr Baroudi and his wonderful staff in January 2008. Dr Baroudi asked me what my expectations were and made his recommendation. In March I went ahead with neck, cheek and eyelid surgery. I chose to have concious sedation and was extremely nervous and aprehensive on 'Surgery Day'... the results are amazing, the rejuvination has restored both my confidence and sparkle. I will be going to Dr Baroudi in the future. Many thanks to everyone for the excellent care and support given to me. ”
sue copeland

“Words can't express how grateful I am to Dr. Baroudi for my breast augmentation. I was always fearful of the pain and brusing a breast augmentation would bring. After my surgery I had very minimum pain and NO brusing. His staff really made me feel at home. I will definitely recommend Dr. Baroudi for any cosmetic procedure. I have gain my self confidence back and that is priceless. Thank you so much !!!!!!!”
Stella Rodriguez

“Dear Dr. Baroudi, You are a wonderful surgeon and your staff is the best...... I cannot thank you enough for making my breast augmentation surgery a pleasant experience. I am elated with the results. You have a natural talent and your expertise is second to none....I will recommend you to anyone who is considering any plastic surgery.....You are the best....You and your staff are one in a million and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking such excellent care of me.....”
Deborah North

“I was totally satisfied with Dr. Baroudi and would go to him again. I highly recommend him for any procedure. I also want to compliment Dr. Baroudi on his professional, friendly, and competent staff.”
Ginger Hearl

“Dr Baroudi, you are the best!!!  You gave me a new nose.  For many years, I had cancerous places on my nose which were not diagnosed right.  My new family doctor there in Punta Gorda, Fla, recommended you.  You removed the cancers and gave my nose a skin graft my ears.  I have a new nose!!  You have a master's touch!!  I thank you and my wife, Janette, thanks you. Your staff is very pleasant and efficient.  Thank you so very much.  William F. and Janette Geiger.  We now live in Dayton, Ohio and will visit you and your staff whenever we are in Fla.  We love you all!!!!!     ”
William F. Geiger

“Dr. Baroudi, You are 1st Class, Your professionalism, Your committment to your Clients, I had Liposuction done on June 3rd. 2005, I have to tell you, that between Dr. Baroudi and his Staff, Stacey, Debi, Kelly, all included, You all made me feel as if I had known you all for ever. I felt so fortunate to be able to have Dr. Baroudi Perform this procedure, never once did I feel anything other than at ease, They are amazing, the whole staff, Cleanliness, Top Notch, Friendliness, Top Notch Staff, Top Notch Dr. Baroudi, Wow, Top Notch. To All of you, Thank You !! Diane K. Lanum”
Diane K. Lanum

“I met Dr Baroudi in July 1993, the day after my horrifying diagnosis of cancer said I had to have a modified radical masectomy. He showed me pictures, that only terrified me more. But I am convinced he has hands from GOD. I have had doctors in Calif, Mich, and NY say they have never seen such a beautiful reconstruction. A year later he took my eyelids to enhance the breast, then over a year ago I deceided I wanted to have a matching pair, so he went to work again redoing both the reconstruction and my good breast...It has been great but he doesn't know yet, I will be seeing him for a little more increase to the reconstructed breast...He also helped me out with some sagging skin on my neck.....I model and have shared his surgeries with Jennnifer Stallone, Sly's wife, she insisted I get her his card. I have never met a doctor as talented and concerned as DR BAROUDI”
Thelma L "Ginger" Jenkins

“Well here is the rest of my story, We just made the left side bigger on Dec 27 2005, Today is 12 Jan 2006 and "WOW" 'yup, he did it again. Thanks Dr Baroudi and everyone. Happy New Year”
Ginger Thelma L Jenkins

“I'd like to Thank Dr. Baroudi and his great staff.I had a breast augmentation on May 20th,2005 . Im more then happy with my results. Id highly recommend Dr. baroudi . His surgury center is spotless and the staff makes you feel very safe and comfortable. Thank-You!! Debra E”
Debra Emery

“Dear Dr. Baroudi, I want to express my sincere appreciation for giving me a sense of confidence with my appearance. You made my surgery a pleasant experience; I was very comfortable with you and your excellent staff. Your surgery center is first class! I also want to thank you for recommending the OBAGI-C RX System for my skin. This product has rejuvenated my complexion. I have tried many other skin care treatments and none even come close to the results I immediately had with this product. Thank you for doing what you do best. ”
Sondra Houhoulis

“At the age of 15 Dr Baroudi diagnosed me as having a very rare genetic syndrome. My family and I were so thankful. I had been misdiagnosed and had undergone several surgeries. Basically those with the syndrome lack the ability to fight the development of different forms of cancer. Most notably basal cell carcinomas. I'm a board member on our life support network. Many of our members lives have been destroyed by this disease. Many are missing one or both eyes, their noses, ears and a few their entire face. I will tear up writing this, but Dr Baroudi has not only possibly saved my life, he has changed my life forever. If it were not for "Doc", life would not have been the same, if at all. I'm a 41 year old father of three. "Doc" has removed hundreds of BCCs from my face. Not having Dr Baroudi and his staff would have been detrimental to me and my family's lives. We Love You!! ”
Bobby Tuck

“Dr. Baroudi: I have been going to you for many years now and you have done a wonderful job taking care of my face. My last procedure was wonderful. People came up to me and said how great I look. Not only did it make me look younger, my wrinkles gone and my complexion smooth as a baby but I felt so much better about my self, which is important to a woman. Thanks.”
Cheryl Wilson

“Doctor Baroudi, i would like to thank you and all your staff for the excellent treatment you have given me. The results are marvelous. Your kindness has given me a new self confidence. I thank you all so much for the gift of your surgery, it has made me feel like a new woman!! ”
Mary Hill

“Well, I am just here to say Thank-You Dr Baroudi, for the gift of saying, "Wow I so feel better about myself, from a physically and mental level", for making me not only look better, but for the fact, that from sooo many people who has seen me before and after, can only say "You look sooo great and so like, what did you do?? Your Hair, Your Eyes, your wow, your skin, your neck, who did this super job?? I say, who else, but Dr Baroudi from Port Charlotte, Florida!! Thank-You Dr. Baroudi and Staff for your kidness and gentleness, thru a life changing experience!! Much Love.”
Irene Powers