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Forehead Lift – Brow Lift

Nobody likes to give an unflattering false impression to others. It is frustrating to appear unhappy, worried, or unapproachable if we are not really that way. Unfortunately, a low or prominent forehead often gives people the appearance of a scowl, which can make people think we are tired, sad, or angry, even when we smile. Aging causes a natural sagging process of the facial skin, and over the years, the brow sinks down lower and lower over the eyes. The effects of sunlight, weight fluctuation, smoking, and aging also create wrinkles, or “worry lines,” in the forehead that only exacerbate the problem.

A forehead lift can light up your face and remove the burden of preconceived notions about your personality and mood. It also erases years, sometimes even decades, from your face in a simple, low risk, outpatient procedure.

If you are considering a refreshing new look for yourself, you will first meet with Dr. Baroudi, our board certified plastic surgeon, for a consultation at our comfortable, private facility. During your consultation, you will receive a careful physical examination and we will take photographs of your face. Dr. Baroudi will talk to you and consider your goals and health history to determine if a forehead lift is right for you.

Should you and the surgeon agree that a forehead lift or brow lift is the best avenue to fulfill your aesthetic goals, an appointment will be scheduled for your forehead lift or brow lift. You will receive local anesthesia and mild sedation for maximum comfort during the entire procedure and recovery. You should fully recover from the anesthesia within twenty-four hours, and will likely be ready to show off your glowing new look within a week!

Don’t go through life looking like somebody you’re not, combating others’ misinterpretations. You owe it to yourself to shine through as the confident individual you are! Your comfort is our primary concern, and we welcome you to get to know us, and experience why our patients are repeatedly thrilled by our work. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.