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We can all think of a person whose only prominent facial feature is a deep, painfully obvious wrinkle, or “frown line” between the eyebrows. While the effects of sunlight, aging, and smoking contribute to a certain degree of facial wrinkles, the frown line often results from years of furrowing the brows out of worry, concentration, or anger. The muscles around this prominent wrinkle actually become tensed into the same position over the years, and the groove becomes permanent and more and more noticeable every day.

You know you are not unhappy or worried! But you wonder if a facelift or forehead lift is the right choice for you.

A quick, safe, and convenient answer to this unsightly feature, that does not require surgery, is found in BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments. A gentle injection of the BOTOX® solution will weaken the muscles around the frown line, “crows feet” (small wrinkles at the edges of the eyes), and “worry lines” (horizontal creases across the forehead). Rather than simply filling in the wrinkle, BOTOX® Cosmetic actually treats the muscles that cause the wrinkle in the first place. You can show the world the happy, confident person you are, by tackling the problem itself!

BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments relax the muscles in the face, and lines are diminished or eliminated for at least three to four months. While many of our patients are too busy or disinterested in the idea of surgery, some of our facelift patients do opt to touch up severe frown lines, crows feet, or worry lines that cannot be fully eliminated by a traditional facelift. A facelift-BOTOX® combination truly rejuvenates and awakens your face, and many people are astonished at the change in the way they feel and are treated by others when they appear refreshed and energetic!

For years, BOTOX® Cosmetic, or botulinum toxin, has been used to lessen muscle spasms around the eyes, and the smoothed, flattened skin around the eyes was considered a convenient bonus. Despite the daunting name, botulinum toxin is actually incredibly safe and effective, and is an ideal preventative measure against severe wrinkles when they are in their formative stages. Thus, many young male and female patients opt for BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments to pre-empt the formation of further damage in areas they see as problematic.

BOTOX® injections are practically pain-free, and what little sensation some people experience is often likened to a mosquito bite. Dr. Baroudi, our board-certified cosmetic surgeon has guided many men and women in Florida through BOTOX® Cosmetic injections and we at Baroudi Cosemetic and Plastic Surgery, are repeatedly thrilled by patients’ reactions.

While BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments are not permanent, and re-injections are recommended three to four times a year, the effect is amazing and can drastically change how others view you. If you want to take years off your life and regain your confidence, contact our practice today to meet our friendly staff and visit our state-of-the-art building!

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