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Ear Surgery – Otoplasty

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Ear Surgery Otoplasty

Stop hiding behind big hats and long hair! Protruding or prominent ears are notorious for eliciting others’ cruel remarks. While people’s snide, hurtful comments may subside as you grow older, the effects are lasting and painful. Large ears can make you feel goofy or awkward, and detract from the rest of the face. Worse, you (or your child) may end up with permanently compromised self-esteem. You shouldn’t want to hide yourself! Our board-certified cosmetic surgeon can help you reclaim your self-confidence, by correcting prominent ears and creating exceptionally natural results!

Ear surgery, or otoplasty, can actually be performed on adults, adolescents, and even children as young as five years – who often suffer the most from teasing and harassment over their large ears. Ear surgery takes only two to three hours, and Dr. Baroudi has an exemplary record of leaving minimal scarring, which nearly disappears over time, as well as providing impeccable care and attention, to ensure you or your child receives the most comfortable experience possible.

There are several types of ear surgery that can be performed, depending on a patient’s age, medical history, and aesthetic goals. Dr. Baroudi will discuss the options during your initial consultation. Together, you will decide the proper avenue to pursue for your aesthetic goals.

You may opt to reduce the size of the ears, have them pinned closer to your head, or have both procedures in the same operation. In any case, your appearance will be dramatically improved, without seeming unnatural. In fact, many of our patients exclaim that their friends didn’t notice a specific difference, only that they “look fabulous!”

The initial consultation, surgery, and recovery period are personalized and private according to your wishes. The goal of the Dr. Baroudi is to ensure that YOU are happy. If you are considering ear sugery for your child, we understand that you want your child in the hands of well-trained staff. We invite you to schedule an appointment to meet our trusted and board-certified surgeon to experience how our practice stands apart from the rest. Ear surgery is a wonderful and simple way to eliminate years of teasing from your child’s life…and to stop YOUR inner critic from ruling your life! Contact us today.

*Wait time for procedures could be longer during higher volume times.

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