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Skin Cancer & Procedures

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Skin Cancer

Dr. Baroudi is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of various skin cancers including the most common type of skin cancer, basal cell carcinoma.  The Center also treats squamous cell carcinoma and the most aggressive type of skin cancer, melanoma. Various treatments range from:

  • Excision and reconstruction
  • Electro-destruction
  • Radiation therapy
  • Excision with frozen section control
  • Mohs chemosurgery

The majority of skin cancers are treated surgically. The involvement of a plastic surgeon in the treatment of skin cancer is important because it ensures complete excision of the cancer and excellent post-operative results due to the attention to detail and minimal scarring. Dr. Baroudi’s main focus in treating skin cancer is completely excising the cancer and re-establishing the foundation of the skin. He has treated skin cancer in highly sensitive areas such as the eyelids, nose, lips and ears, as well as other parts of the body with great success. 

Not only is Dr. Baroudi qualified for skin cancer diagnosis and treatment, Dr. Baroudi is proficient in treating benign skin conditions. Many patients have questionable lesions on their skin, which Dr. Baroudi diagnoses as benign, actinic or seborrheic keratosis, cysts, skin tags or lipomas. Some of these benign lesions are managed with non-invasive methods in an office setting, while others require an outpatient surgical procedure. Treatment forms:

  • Electrodessication
  • Needle Aspiration
  • Excision and reconstruction

Dr. Baroudi is an experienced and trusted plastic surgeon who has more than thirty years of experience in treating skin cancer. He has been recognized by the American Cancer Society for his excellence and persistence in treating several forms of skin cancer. Find out more by contacting us today.

*Wait time for procedures could be longer during higher volume times.